Best sites to watch Korean and Chinese and Japanese dramas


Well, well hi there šŸ˜‰ sup?

My name is Kim Nari (Korean name Ya its cool I made it myself šŸ˜› )

Today I will be telling you what sites you should be using when you want to watch a kdrama or a Korean variety show.

What are the best sites to watch Korean and Chinese dramas ??

You see many people ask this question and more often than you think, I also googled what sites to use to watch and it bothered me how many only mentioned sites that requires usernames and passwords and sometimes even paying.

Like sorry, I don’t have money and I am too broke to go out, this is why I am here sitting and reading your blog and asking you about what site I should be using ! It should be freeeeeeeeeeeĀ  šŸ˜€

Let’s get to business shall we?

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Cheating on your partner

cheating on your partner

Cheating on a good person is like throwing a diamond, while trying to pick a rockĀ 

Unknown Author


Why is it that men or women cheat? especially when they are in a good relationship, especially when their partner is treating them greatly? why not break up then do whatever they want ? why go through all the trouble?

In a series of Article we will be discussing the reasons it might happen. This is Part 1

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8 Signs that means you are no longer friends


You start as strangers, total strangers, meet randomly, or through other friends, and then find something in common and start hanging out together, and slowly you become close, you become friends, but sometimes despite the fact that we love them and care for them they end up leaving you, or because of a stupid argument they end up hurting you and refuse to be go back to being the same.


Today we reveal the eightĀ signs that means your (so called friend) is actually not your friend!

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One more happy ending kdrama review

One more happy ending

Well well well… again here we are talking about another kdrama, you’d surprised to know that despite the fact that this drama has been running for almost a month, I just yesterday gave it a chance and watched it because I was bored …

One more happy ending is the name of the drama, as a drama expert i will tell you my exact review of this drama and why the hell you should or shouldn’t watch it!

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